Internet has transformed the way companies work, communicate, manufacture, and transact commerce. For today’s management it is imperative that all the distributed Information their employees, customers and partners need is at their fingertips. That’s where Yogna, Inc can help tying together your Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, E-Commerce, and Document Management applications so that vital business and financial information flow seamlessly across your enterprise and beyond.

Analysts are prediciting that web services and SOA are the wave of the future.
In order to keep your compeitive advantage, you've got to ride the wave. Yogna can show you how.

Our Web Services/SOA practice concentrates on web-based technologies with a primary focus on Oracle products. We also provide services geared toward modifying existing web-based products and creating custom web-based, data-driven applications using a variety of technologies. As well, we provide services that assist you in designing B2B web-based applications.

On the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) side, our consultants deliver integration and middleware solutions that focus on providing standards-based, robust integration using state-of-the art products.

Our practice also provides expertise in the following areas:

  • Website design
  • Java/J2EE/JSP
  • .NET and Microsoft technologies
  • Portal Applications

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